A never-ending story

Once upon a time in a fair, fair city, there lived a spirited theatre troupe. Known far and wide, its name was Words Players. The folks of this lively little band loved to tell stories, and tell stories they did -- wherever and whenever they could. The Players were spotted in parks, market squares and barns. Always telling stories (and always stories that mattered). Sometimes they hummed enchanting tunes, other times they danced delightful jigs. No matter their sport, a story was told and the public was regaled. And over time, their audience grew, asking for bigger stories and more classes, and the heroic Troupe agreed.

Throngs of helpers and a handful of quietly compensated folks toiled year round at the creative aspects of their craft and at procuring coinage for their growing endeavors. In the most recent of days, the Troupe even began its first-ever professional program to seek support from grants, endowments and the like. The Players anticipate the future benefits of this pact to be weighty. But hand-in-hand with this, they knew it was time to turn their audience into their supporters, bringing the storytellers and the storyhearers into one family, building their community together.

Thus, for 2012, Words Players has decided to seek sustenance from its spectators, hearers and onlookers. Calculations show that an average monthly financial assurance of $100 from just 50 good folk would help this band of thespians, poets, musicians, and philosophers grow to meet the increasing community demand.

And then we can all live joyfully ever-after.

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